About our Prophet, Michael of Light

Dear Friend, Welcome to The Church of One Divine Love,

I am Michael of Light, a new prophet of God, and direct Channel of Archangel Michael, and the founder of the Church of One Divine Love.

The Story of Michael


I want to share with you that despite the titles, I am quite a humble and accessible person, and before becoming fully rooted in Union with God, I likely experienced many of the challenges you have faced, or currently face. 

You may be even surprised to learn that in the past I have experienced even deeper challenges and darkness than most people. God wanted me to experience a very broad range of human suffering, so I could be as one of you in solidarity, and have the wisdom to show you the Way out of suffering, and to overcome your own separation from God, on your own path to the State of Enlightenment.

John 14:10

"When I am raised to life again, you will know that I am in my Father, and you are in me, and I am in you."

There is little you have experienced that I would not understand, as I have overcome the broadest variety of worldly challenges, to emerge victorious, and experience the Transfiguration, the final step into Enlightenment. I emerged through these challenges, the karmas of suffering, specifically so I could be in service as a Divine teacher and guide for the benefit to you, and all of humanity. 

I emerged from many of the same challenges that most other people face in the western world today, having experienced the stresses and anxieties of a corporate career in engineering, as well as family, relationship, and financial challenges. Before setting off on the path to God, I was living and working solely for the sake of financial reward and selfish ambitions, and though I was quite successful, I endured a deep depression that resulted from a misalignment with my true purpose in God.

Indeed this depression was so overwhelming, it could not be medicated away through pharmaceuticals, and even triggered a desperate battle with substance abuse that culminated in a complete life collapse, numerous failed attempts at self-annihilation, a literal passage through the deepest darkness, and a return to the Light as a manifestation of Christ, in service to humanity.

It was the deepest despair and suffering itself that precipitated the entrance into the state of Enlightenment. In the instant of the deepest suffering ever experienced, the ego, any sense of self, literally died, and God took command of this body in fullness, and the purpose as a prophet of God was revealed in that moment, the Holy Instant of Transfiguration.

During this life path, on the way to Union with God, I learned and comprehended the easier way for others to reach the same state of Divine Light and happiness, and that the depth suffering, while it was required for me, is perhaps unnecessary for others.

I hope the wisdom I gained from my own struggles may serve as a shortcut for you and members of our Church, and I share with you for that reason, to offer you Salvation in Enlightenment and Union with God.

My purpose now as a Savior is to offer the Way out of pain and suffering, the gift of Salvation, not just for individuals, but for society as a whole. I had to endure the "hard way" to be able to learn, show, and share the "easier way" for the benefit of humanity.

Though my own journey may have been more dramatic than others, it has blessed me with deep compassion for a vast variety of life challenges you may be experiencing, and I share the Good News with you, that Salvation is for ALL who would receive, no matter how deeply you have suffered, nor how egregious you perceive your wrongs to be. All can be saved, however, this religion is a PRACTICE, not a praising of saviors, so you must be willing to do the work.

The only difference between you and me is that I have completed my own process into Union with God, and this is possible for you as well. I have achieved immense happiness, health, vibrancy, and abundance from the deepest place of despair and sickness into the Light of Truth.

I do not seek praise, nor worshippers, but my only life purpose is to share the gift of Salvation with you, so you can experience the very same transformation yourself into a state of Light and Divine Union. Whether your challenges are large or small, I am simply here to be a gentle guide on your way home. 

Thank you so much for taking the time to get to know me and The Church of One Divine Love. We hope to see you join our family so you may also enjoy what we have.

All My Love,

Michael of Light, Prophet, and Angel