The Divine Way Lesson 9: Confirmations of Divine Love 4 Explanation


Commandment: Thou Shalt Love All Beings, All Humans, Including Animals, with God’s Equal And Unconditional Love, Without Question, Expectation, Or Condition

Affirmation: I Am the Embodiment of Love For All Beings, All Humans, Including Animals, with God’s Equal And Unconditional Love, Without Question, Expectation, Or Condition

What does it mean to Love ALL Beings with God’s Unconditional Love and why must we live this way? God is everywhere, in everything, in nature, in all creatures, in the trees, birds, pigs, cows, and in all humans. The field of God pervades the consciousness of the universe and God is witness to the entire unfolding of the universe through ALL conscious beings. You may say that all beings are part of God, the entire Universe, experiencing Itself through each and every living being. It can be said that no being, great or small, is separate from God, and all beings are part of the ever-present consciousness of the universe.

God is within in all creatures, all humans, and in all animals, and to love all beings equally means to equally love all aspects of God, as God is in all beings. If you seek to honor God, all parts of God and creation must be loved equally or not at all. God calls on you to love all of creation wholly and fully, which also means to love equally and unconditionally without question, expectation, or condition.

In Matthew 25 Jesus said,

“For I was hungry and you gave me nothing to eat… When you refused to help the least of these my brothers and sisters, you were refusing to help me.”

When Jesus said this, he literally meant that He, as a manifestation of the Holy Spirit, is not SEPARATE than the least the other brothers and sisters who are suffering most: He IS them, and they ARE Him! The consciousness of Christ, the consciousness of God, is present in all of them together, and to allow one of them to suffer, is to allow God Itself to suffer within them. God is witness to all joy, and all suffering THROUGH all beings, and this extends to all animals as well, as God is in them, and all consciousness of the entire Universe.

This is why God calls on every human being, to BE the embodiment of Love and extend that Love to all beings, because God IS all of it, and in all of it. You may think of God as a system to maximize happiness for all beings and minimize suffering of all beings, as God Itself, as a manifestation of Love, seeks to collectively maximize the happiness of the Universe, so It may collectively experience Love through all beings. To extend Divine Loving compassion to another being is to extend that very same compassion directly to God.

As Jesus said in Matthew 12, “Love your neighbor as yourself.” This confirmation goes a step further to say, “Love All Beings as if God Itself Were Standing Before You!” Every gift of love to another being is an honoring and gift directly to God. Every act of cruelty against another being is also done directly against God Itself.

The word Namaste, in the the ancient language of Sanskrit, which is a traditional greeting is Hinduism, means “The Divine God within Me, sees, honors, and shares the Divine God within You”. Rather than an empty word, Namaste is a call to action to find unity with brothers and sisters and to extend Divine Loving compassion for those who are bowing to the Divine within each other.

Often humans have the expectation that acts of love or kindness should be a part of conditional exchange. For example, “If I scratch your back, you scratch mine.” However, this is misperception for how love and the laws of karma are exchanged with God. God is witness to every act of kindness and compassion, and each act is not exchanged with just one person, but with God Itself as the witness. Every act of kindness is recorded in the mind of the Divine, and you are repaid, not necessarily directly by the person you help, but by the source of all Divine goodness, the consciousness of God. Some have called this “good karma” and that would be an accurate description.

God’s Love is omnidirectional, without question, expectation, or condition as God made the Universe to be shared in Loving communion with all creatures, great and small. God did not ask some to pay money for their bodies, and gave bodies to others freely. The fruits, vegetables, and abundance of the Earth was given by God freely, without seeking repayment. No, rather God gave ALL to ALL without expecting anything in return. God calls on all humans to EMBODY the very same Divine Love with which God made the entire Universe and ALL beings, in perfect and Unconditional Love.

We Close This Lesson With the Prayer of  The Four Immeasurables from Traditional Tibetan Buddhism:


May all beings be in happiness and the causes of happiness.

May beings be free from suffering and the causes of suffering.

May beings never be parted from freedom’s true joy.

May beings dwell in boundless equanimity, free from attachment and aversion.