The Divine Way Lesson 8: Confirmations of Divine Love 3 Explanation

Commandment: Thou Shalt Lovingly Accept All Events And See Divine Purpose in All Things

Affirmation:  I Am Loving Acceptance of All Events And See Divine Purpose in All Things

This confirmation and lesson teaches the power of Divine Acceptance when loss or suffering enters your life. We use God’s Loving Presence to see Divine Purpose in all events that come to pass, even those that could be perceived as a loss or negative in some way. Because God made all things, all events in Love, we use our prayers to God to help us understand all events, even tragedies, in the context of God’s Love.

This world is a world of illusions and there is nothing in this world that can be permanently held onto. Like the summer passing into autumn, we accept all changes, all leaves that fall from the trees, and we give gratitude to let go of both burdens and blessings in the ever-present changing of the world. All changes serve Divine Purpose and no change was made in absence of Love, as God holds all events in Its Infinite Benevolent and Loving Mind.

To find Enlightenment and union with God, be loving witness to life’s series of moments that are created and destroyed, again and again, in crystalline perfection through the loving mind of God. Every moment serves its temporary purpose, and no moment, however beautiful or tragic, can be held, revisited, or owned. All events come for their Divine Purpose while they last, and all things of the world go in God’s Divine Purpose and timing. To live an Enlightened life in God, come into the acceptance of the impermanence of all things, all events, and be Loving observer, the Divine Witness, to all the comings and goings of the world.

Divine Acceptance is a non-resistance, a letting go, of trying to control events or wanting circumstances to be somehow different. One of the most common forms of suffering is a non-acceptance of events or people, a holding onto the past, or even to curse God for the circumstances of your life. This is what it means to “Take the Lord’s Name in Vain” from the 10 Commandments. One does not actually need to speak the words to curse God, but rather this manifestation of this “sin” is a non-acceptance of the events that come to pass. To dwell in suffering over life events is to take the Lord’s Name in vain.

Non-acceptance is one of the most fundamental forms of suffering. Very often failure to accept events has the effect of turning yourself into a victim and falling into a pattern of self-pity or resentment. Many people even create an identity, an ego, out of this pain and this misidentification of the Divine-Self can live on for an entire person’s lifetime as a tormentor. This tormentor, a manifestation of anger, resentment, and darkness can literally turn your life into a living hell, and the tormentor’s greatest fear is the healing power of God’s Love and the power of acceptance, for in the presence of God’s Light and Love, no darkness can persist.

Often non-acceptance of other people manifests into the shadow-self of the accuser, one who blames others for negative events or circumstances. God’s Promise for you, your brothers and sisters is total and Divine forgiveness. Allow God’s forgiveness to erase the shadow of the accuser within you by inviting God’s Divine Light to shine through you. Divine Acceptance is even a higher form of forgiveness as acceptance implies that no wrong was committed to begin with. Be God’s Loving Acceptance of all brothers and sisters and release them from the bondage of accusation.

Many people experience the deepest Divine realizations in the face of loss, death, and perceived tragedy as the self-identification with the forms of the world fall away. In the space of loss, many find God as the Divine is the only Truth when all else has been stripped away. The deepest peace of God and total acceptance can be found when there is simply nothing else remaining, and no other option exists other than release. This is the positive polarity of loss, finding God in the deepest acceptance in the loss of form, as God’s Love is indestructible.

When it seems as though loss or grief has found you, avoid resistance to the events, which means: Accept the circumstances right away. Avoid placing blame or making a story of resentment over the loss, but rather allow God to help you make instant peace with the loss or event. If you have lost a possession, perhaps try saying, “Thank you God for lightening my load.” Find Divine Purpose in the passing of all events, even relationships, and when loss appears, give gratitude for the positive memories, as only the love given and the love received that is remembered in the Loving Mind of the Divine.

Life is a dance, and all dances with all others eventually come to an end. Rather than mourning the end, simply say, “Thank you for a beautiful dance.”

Use this Prayer to help you find the Peace of Acceptance in God:

Heavenly One, in Your Divine Mind, there is never any moment or event absent of Love and Divine Purpose. To find You, let us come into Acceptance of all events and find Divine Purpose in all the events and changes of the world. Help us see the hidden gifts in loss, let us never dwell in resentment, and let us extend forgiveness to all others to find them blameless in your perfect and Divine Love. Let us see equally the coming and going of blessings and burdens as summer leaves will fall from the trees as the seasons turn. Let us simply be loving witness to all changes and see Divine Purpose in all things. Amen.