The Divine Way Lesson 6: Confirmations of Divine Love 1 Explanation

Thou Shalt Be As God's Divine Unconditional Love and Ocean of Peafe


Commandment:  Thou Shalt Be As God’s Divine Unconditional Love and Ocean of Unshakable Peace

Affirmation:  I Am As God’s Divine Unconditional Love and Ocean of Unshakable Peace


The Divine Way teaches that God is Love, and Love is God. The word Love however can sometimes be a misunderstood, overused, and is often conditional, meaning “I will love you if you do something for me, or I get something from you, or if you are part of my immediate family or group”.

God’s Love is different than the conditional love relationship, or the “special relationship” where the meaning of love is often merely a thinly veiled hate, and this kind of special love often does quickly turn to hate when someone does not live up to another’s expectations or conditions.

This lesser and conditional love is the cause of frequent fighting and disagreements between people and results in an unspeakable amount of global pain and suffering. Conditional love is most often merely the illusion of love and often a haven for guilt, shame, fear, and darkness. Hidden in conditional love is the fear of loss, personal pride, and a hidden trigger, waiting to unleash wrath’s painful sting as the polarity of this illusory love quickly turns to its opposite.

Conditional love often forms between lovers in romantic relationships and very often this fragile form of love can degrade easily into hate. This kind of conditional love is often the temporary illusion of lust and can often cause more pain than pleasure. Even the act of “falling in love” is often nothing more than the veil of lust and this kind of pair-bonding can change into emotional abuse, and sometimes physical violence for something as small as inarticulate or misplaced words. This is the illusion of love, and God’s Truth of Divine Love is not an illusion.  

The negative polarity of conditional love can also manifest within cultural groups, families, and is often present in radical nationalism or religious fundamentalism, where love can circulate among the members but often a greater hate is extended to others outside the group. Indeed, wars between nations result from the misplaced love of the country, which is to worship the idol of the flag, and see others under a different banner as the enemy. No, nationalism and love for country is not God’s Divine Unconditional Love.

Often this phenomenon of conditional love in religions results in religious wars for misplaced love for a prophet of God. One Divine Love teaches that ALL prophets of God are equal and that the message of all the prophets has essentially been the same and Jesus, Buddha, Moses, Mohammed, and all the many other prophets of God are to be honored equally. The conditional love that results from worshipping the idol of the body of a prophet, and hating those who worship another prophet, is yet another illusion of love, and this is not God’s Way, not God’s Unconditional Divine Love.

This lower vibration of conditional love is the illusion in the face of God’s Divine Love: God’s Love has no opposite nor condition; it cannot be lost nor destroyed and has no affiliation with nations and transcends all prophets and all religions. God’s Unconditional Love is not bound by circumstances, groups, families, action, or inaction. Unconditional Love is that: Without condition, always, infinite, and indestructible. This is God’s Promise of Love for YOU!

In the Church of One Divine Love we progress beyond understanding love as the verb “to love” as in “I love you” and we emerge into the “I Am” of Divine Love, which is a noun, and to say “I AM as God’s Divine Unconditional Love”. This is transcendent Love, where the conditional loving of someone or something transcends into the state of BEING God’s Love, which isn’t directional, but omnidirectional, and omnipresent, in all directions, at all times, towards all people and in all circumstances.

This is what it means to LIVE in Divine Love, when one replaces the directional and conditional love with God’s Omnipresent Love. It is as though you have fallen in love, but that feeling is always with you regardless of the people, places, and circumstances. The Love is ever-present, as you are in Love with each moment, and with every brother and sister who comes across your path. This does not at all mean romantic love, but rather to honor every brother and sister, no matter of physical appearance or land of origin, as deserving of God’s Love as it flows through you towards them.

This goes beyond Jesus’ proclamation of the first and great commandment, “Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself,” to say “Thou shalt love ALL others as God Loves them, without limit or condition!”

This affirmation also speaks of God’s Ocean of Unshakable Peace, and calls on all to embody the very deepest Divine peace, patience, and presence. God’s peace is both deep and broad like the ocean, unsinkable within itself, as it already IS the very deepest water.

Unconditional Love and the Ocean of Peace are inextricably linked, as in order to extend God’s Love, one must first be in total Divine peace and presence. This means to resist any urges to anger, hatred, prejudices, or falling victim to triggers into lower consciousness that have been conditioned from past pain. One must be fully conscious, aware, and present to anything that is not God’s peace in each and every passing moment. One must be as the vigilant guardian against any threats to peace within your own conscious presence, and take full personal responsibility to fortifying and rooting yourself against anger or resentment of any kind.

Begin your days with meditation and prayer on God’s peace, and when triggers appear, bring your focus to the breath and immediately ask God to restore the Divine promise of the Ocean of Peace in God.

Use this prayer to establish and restore God’s Divine Unconditional Love and Ocean of Unshakable Peace:

Heavenly God, Creator of All that Is, Fill Me With Your Divine Unconditional Love and Unshakable Ocean Of Peace, Help Me Resist The Temptations of Conditional Love and Emerge Into The I AM Of Divine Love Which Transcends All Suffering And IS Always, Infinite, And Indestructible. Grant Me The Grace To Love Every Brother And Sister, Yet More Than Myself, And To Love With Your Divine Eyes And Ways. Help Me Be A Vessel Of Your Ocean Of Peace, And Return Me To The Guiding Peace Of Your Presence As I Find You In The Simplicity Of Each And Every Breath. Amen.