The Divine Way Lesson 5: Confirmations of Divine Being 4 Explanation

Commandment: Thou Shalt Be As God-Essence, As God Moves Through Your Form and Purpose

Affirmation: I Am As The Divine Light of the World, As This Light Shines Through My Unique and Individual Divine Truth


What does it mean to be God-Essence?

Archangel Michael says it best as his name, Michael,  is actually a question for others, “Who is like God?” His name is a call to action to BE as God-Essence and to elaborate on this question he would ask:

Who among YOU is Like God?

Who is a Divine Creator?

Who gives the fruits of their efforts selflessly?

Who among you is Divine Forgiveness?

Who among you is fearless in Faith?

Who among you is without darkness?

Who among you lives by God’s Truth?

Who among you is God’s Righteousness?

Who among you lives in Unconditional Love?

To be God-Essence is to be all these things, all the things asked by the Archangel. Rather than living in sin, God calls on humans to literally be as the Essence of God, to live as God created them in the image of God.

So what is God like and how would one live as God essence?

God is a selfless creator, the manifestation of Love and Light, and gives everything to humans from the place of Unconditional Love.

I liken God-Essence to a Coconut Tree. A Coconut Tree knows its Divine Truth: It’s a Coconut Tree, and it knows it with certainty. It doesn’t try to be something it isn’t like a lawyer or accountant, it is a Coconut Tree and it is content to be that, and nothing else. It doesn’t dress itself up as a false character, but rather is it’s pure, natural, and Divine Truth, as it is.

The Coconut Tree is peaceful, patient, and simply Divine Love. It sways peacefully in the breeze and collects all its sustenance in harmony with the environment. It lives to grow, and give, asking nothing in return for all the wonderful things it produces naturally.

Like God, The Coconut Tree gives, and it gives abundant, beautiful, and useful gifts. The coconuts provide healthy nutrition and sweet water; the palms are used for shade and roofing. The Coconut Tree lives without fear, in peace, and in total Love of giving its Divine Gifts.  It gives unconditionally, and never hold out its PALM for payment! Like God, it knows its Truth, and simply gives from that Truth.

This is what it means to BE God-Essence, to be like the peaceful unconditional love and creation: Be as the giving Coconut Tree.

To be as God-Essence also means to live in total forgiveness of others, to literally live in the state of God’s Divine forgiveness. It means to unconditionally forgive all, to forget all hate, to perceive all wrongdoings in the truth of their innocence, and to only hold others in the very highest and most loving thought God has for them. Divine forgiveness is not merely to say the words “I forgive you” but rather forgiveness is a forgetting, to never use the past as a weapon against peace within yourself or towards another.

To live in God-Essence means that all darkness, and fear, and fear is forgotten, and that only Love is remembered. We behold only the heavenliness of ourselves, and all our brothers and sisters in the very same Divine Light, living in harmony, peace, and equanimity with God, ourselves, and all God’s creation.

Ask God to fill you with God-Essence and let this Light of the Divine guide your very form and purpose in the world. What higher calling is there other than to BE a living embodiment of God’s Love. Find your life purpose in embodying the Divine Light in selfless service to others and you will find your Highest Truth and Happiest Destiny in God!