The Divine Way Lesson 4: Confirmations of Divine Being 3 Explanation

Commandment: Thou Shalt Be Committed To Eliminating Darkness and Fear, Both Within, And As Healing Service To Others When Called

Affirmation:  I Am Committed To Eliminating Darkness and Fear, Both Within, And As Healing Service To Others When Called

God’s Light and Infinite Love is the opposite of fear, and to eliminate darkness is to eliminate fear and illuminate all aspects of your highest self as a living manifestation of God’s Divine Love as it flows through you from the source of the One.
So how does one eliminate fear and darkness?
The answer is to find the conscious presence of God’s Light and Love in each passing moment, and the understand yourself as an infinite immortal soul born of God’s Love and made in God’s Love.
Your natural state and God’s Promise for you is not one of darkness and fear, but rather of Light and Love and to defeat this darkness is only to accept a return to your birthright as a living manifestation of God’s Love!
Dr. Martin Luther King said:
“Darkness cannot drive out darkness, only Light can that. Hate cannot drive out hate, only Love can do that.”
This is a calling to invite God’s Light and Love into your life as the solution to all darkness, fear, hate, and resentment, which are not of God but rather the forces of evil at work within you.
Very often fear comes from a fear of loss, very often fear of death, and anxiety over potential unfavorable futures. All these manifestations of darkness are only a failure to understand God’s Promise for you, which is only of Light, Love, Happiness, and Freedom!
God is a benevolent God of Infinite Divine Love and no experience presented to you, even experiences of loss and death are absent from God’s Loving creation for you. Each passing moment was made in crystalline perfection, just for you, and no moment was ever made in absence of Love, and the only mistake is the failure to see it.
A life of Love is God’s Promise for you and to stay in God’s Light and Love is to PREVENT negative events from even entering your life! Yes, to accept and embody God’s Light will even prevent the things you fear from entering your life at all! Fill yourself with God’s Love in each passing moment, and see the miracle wash away the very things you fear most!
Often, the thinking mind, the ego, tends to fixate in problems, resentments, and past pain. Even a person with many blessings, money, family, and friends may find themselves in a state of hell, and, yes, hell is on Earth, if they are blind to the many blessings in their lives.
Often the fixation on past pain and fear of the future or loss can turn a life of abundant blessings into a life of suffering. This is what it means to live in darkness and fear, which is to make your life a living hell. In fact, to live in fear is actually to attract the things you fear most into your life! Thoughts of fear are actually prayers to darkness and are the very reason why negative events enter your life at all. Stay in God’s Light and there will be no negative events in your life as Light attracts Light and darkness attracts darkness.
Those who experience the pain of resentment, which is nothing more than a lack of forgiveness of others, is also to live in darkness. Jesus said to not just forgive others 7 times, but to forgive 77 times, which really means to forgive ALWAYS. Lack of forgiveness and living in resentment is like drinking poison, expecting the other person to die. No! Reject this poison of the soul and forgive and forget by allowing God’s Light of forgiveness to flow through you!
Many also live in fear of death or annihilation, and this is to fail to understand yourself as an infinite immortal soul. God did not make you so you would be forgotten in death, but rather made you so that only the very best of you, the highest thought God has of you, which is the only immortal part of you, would be remembered. Yes, God only remembers the very best of you as your infinite immortal soul and all else is forgiven and forgotten by God.
God’s Highest thought of you is only of Light, Love, and Divine forgiveness, and to live in that state is literally to receive the Kingdom of Heaven both while you are still alive, and to receive it the heavenly realms after death. You must understand that your Truth in God is before a body, and that your conscious presence is the very immortal soul that came from God, and what comes from God can never be destroyed, so there is no fear in death.
Those who live in God’s Love have no fear of death as you are already living in the highest and most Loving part of you, and it is only this part, not fear or darkness, that persists after death. You are on an inevitable path back to the Light you came from and the only certainty is the death of darkness. This is God’s promise for you! It is up to you to choose how soon you return to God’s Promise and accept the Kingdom of Heaven while you’re still alive!
Some people are even afraid that they will go to hell when they die as a result of mistakes they made while alive. There is no hell other than the one experienced on Earth as a result of being out of alignment with God’s Promise for you, which is only of your immortal soul in infinite Light and Love forever!
What do we do when fear and anxiety take us away from God’s Light?
The way Jesus expressed it in Matthew 6:28
“Consider the lilies of the field, how they grow: they neither toil nor spin.”
This means we should live carefree like the flowers in the field. We should live in the beauty and innocence of the present moment, as flowers do and have no worries for the future nor cares from the past.
If you find yourself in darkness or fear, forgive yourself, and ask for God’s Divine Forgiveness for the temporary failure to see God’s Love in the situation. There is always Love made for you in every moment, every situation, and the failure to see it is the manifestation of sin.
Happiness, love, and innocence is your natural state of being and it is only the forces of darkness that have led you astray.
To live in darkness and fear is to live in sin and hell, this is to curse God for your present circumstances, even if you’re not consciously doing so. Every moment spent in darkness is a prayer to the dark one, a prayer to fear, and to pray to fear is to invite the very thing you fear most into your life!
Ask God to help you see the Love that is already made and directly in front of you, and thank God for each blessing in your life, rather than focus on the anxieties and problems.
God will fill you with Love and Light, if only you would ask earnestly in prayer. Ask for God’s Light to fill you in this very moment. Find the beauty and love in the moment in the peace and presence of the heart.
Once you have completed your own process of coming back to the Light, you will BE as a manifestation of God’s Light in the world, and will become a beacon to be in healing service to others.
Like a good farmer, you must feed yourself first and feast upon the inner crop of God’s Love harvested from the center of the heart. One cannot be an unhealed healer so you must allow God to heal you first, and then you shall be called upon to be a healer for others.
To bring yourself back to God’s Light, use the following Prayer:
Heavenly God, creator of all that is,
remove from me the fears and anxieties
the dark forces have placed in my mind.
Fill me with your Light and Love and
forgive me for thinking thoughts of fear
and darkness. Help me see only thine
Divine Love present in this very moment
and remove all evil thoughts and bring
me home to the heavenly state that is
your Divine Promise for me.