The Divine Way Lesson 3: Confirmations of Divine Being 2 Explanation

Commandment: Thou Shalt Be As Living Meditation On the Heart, In Silence Of The Mind, To Hear God’s Prayers For You.

Affirmation: I Am Living Meditation On the Heart, In My Silent Mind, Listening to God’s Prayers For Me

The word meditation means “to set your focus upon”, meaning in this sense that rather than setting focus on the thoughts try to focus on the silence in the gaps between the thoughts and to establish silence of the mind and connect to the brilliance and warmth at the center of the heart, the place of loving compassion. God is best found at the center of the heart in the deepest quiet of the mind.

We teach that prayer is an act of meditation and that prayers are of silent gratitude and love. When the mind is quiet, you may begin to hear God’s prayers for you! At first, it may be like listening to a quiet brook far off in the mountains, but with practice you may begin to make the mind so still that you may begin the hear God’s soft voice emanating from the center of the heart.

With mastery, you will begin to be a living meditation on the center of the heart and to conduct all your affairs with mindfulness and compassion.

To begin, try this practice. Sit comfortably on a folded blanket, right shin over your left in a simple cross legged position. Roll your shoulders back and find a single line of energy from the base of the spine up through the crown of the head. Be careful not to slouch, but sit in active silence.

Release any tension in the belly so you can take slow easy, natural breaths. If you find that the mind is busy, come back to the breath and see if you can slow the breath even more. Find the gaps between the thoughts and see how long you can remain in total silence.

Imagine a bright, shining white light at the center of the chest. Feel that light expand out of the chest, past the shoulders, the crown of the head, and the base of the spine. As the light grows larger and larger, imagine the body growing smaller and smaller until the body is a tiny dot in the center of a bright, shining star.

You ARE that Light, the Light of God, shining through the center of the heart!