What is Christ Consciousness?


The entrance into “Christ Consciousness”, the process of receiving Enlightenment, the gift of ultimate salvation and the becoming of a Christ or Saint, is the most beautiful state of being one can experience, living in full and integrated union with The Almighty God, The Holy Spirit, and the physical body.

There is no difference between Enlightenment, Christ Consciousness, Samadhi, and this highest state of consciousness has gone by many names, has been experienced by many masters, and has had many valid traditions, including Buddhism and Christianity, however, in many of these traditions, the Ways of the Masters have been lost, or have been made inaccessible to worshippers.

Many religions would make the Enlightened state unattainable for worshippers and would instead focus worship onto the idol of a body, instead of teaching the Way the Master showed to his disciples. This is not God's Will for you. God would give you the very same gift the Masters received, if only you would follow the Way. 

For example, Jesus and the Buddha would both be confused over the worship of their bodies and the praising of their names. Indeed both, and all Enlightened Masters, would instead have disciples follow their example, follow The Way to Enlightenment, by BEING as the Master, and doing as the Master would do.

If one follows the Way of the Master, literally walks the path, then one will eventually embody that same consciousness, which is Christ Consciousness or state of Enlightenment, and this is the nature of Salvation. Worship and the praising of names does nothing of meaningful value. One must BE as the Master to be saved!

Indeed the Good News is that Enlightenment, Christ Consciousness, or God Consciousness is available to any and all humans who would seek it. One must simply consciously and intentionally walk that path to Salvation, and be as the Ascendant Masters.

Christ Consciousness is simply the state of being where one falls into the fullest possible union with the Infinite Divine God, where there is no longer any separation between the physical body, the Divine presence within, and the body’s current place in the Divine Universe. Christ Consciousness is the disappearance of the fearful, weak, confused, and judgemental “thinking” mind, the mind that is often overwhelmed with pain, attack, and judgemental thinking. Often, this harmful “thinking mind” is referred to as “The ego” in many teachings and writings.

To become a Saint or Christ, to become Enlightened, is to witness the disappearance of the ego, the mind of separation. It is as if the lower “thinking mind” has died while the body remains in union with the Divine God. It feels as though the ego-mind has left the body completely; it has died. In its place is a feeling of unimaginable joy, happiness, freedom, and Divine Truth.

There is no worry or anxiety and neither does the Enlightened being experience any wants or desires as the Christ sees itself as whole and complete. There is only one purpose for continued existence of the body, which is to be as a Christ is, and to do as a Christ does. There is nothing else: No desire for possessions, money, worldly love, or even followers.

Though there is no desire for these things the Enlightened Master has no aversion to them either. Everything becomes neutral, the state of non-judgement, of any moment or circumstance, and the Enlightened Being simply sees everything as the fulfillment of Divine Will.

A Christ, an Enlightened Being, One who dwells in “Christ Consciousness” has a number of well-defined attributes:

The Enlightened Being experiences no fear, anxiety, or tension of any kind.

A Christ is very present, but has no expectations of the present moment, nor future moments: It is understood that everything that happens is God’s Will and the Christ accepts God’s Will without judgement, wanting nothing other than to be the fully present witness of current circumstances.

The Enlightened Being is most often happy and joyful, finding gratitude in the simplest of life’s joys. Appreciation of a flower or sunset is vastly valued over compulsive the hoarding of money.

An Enlightened Christ exhibits unconditional love and sees selfless giving to others as a gift to itself. Offerings to others may sometimes be in physical form, but more often the Enlightened Being offers the body, wisdom, and healing in service to a selfless higher good.

To the Enlightened Being, every breath is a prayer, every movement is a devotion to God, every word fulfills a Divine Purpose.

A Christ has no attachment to worldly things and is quite content with simple accommodation and clothing, however, if worldly pleasures are present or even in abundance, they are regarded as temporary and only meant to be enjoyed while they last.

An Enlightened Being extends total acceptance and forgiveness in every moment. Only Love, Truth, and Divine Wisdom of the past is remembered.

Many more attributes would be shared, but these are just a few. Most importantly A Christ has become a “Truth of God” which means one is literally commanded in every word and deed to fulfill God’s Will.

As an Enlightened Being, I understand My only purpose to be in service to humanity in whatever ways are possible to precipitate a happier, healthier, and enlightened world. I am in service to that cause alone, as that is God’s Good Cause, God’s Will for this body.

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