Understanding You Life Purpose


The first rule of understanding your Life Purpose is:

Stop trying to understand your Life Purpose!

Only the ego, the lower thinking mind, experiences confusion of this kind and asks questions such as: “What is my life purpose?” The reality is that you are already living your life purpose. Surrender fully, lovingly, and in total acceptance to the present moment, the current circumstances, and your purpose has been revealed. It is here, in front of you, right here and now. Your life purpose simply may not be what the ego wanted, expected, nor is the ego capable in any way to comprehend the fullness of your future, your greatest Divine Truth, and your Happy Destiny! Simply, and joyfully allow your Life Purpose unfold, moment by moment, step by step, in the fullness of your Loving Conscious Presence.

A better question to finding alignment with your Life Purpose would be:

How can I be of the greatest service, in my current circumstances, right now? How can I find the deepest Divine Truth and Unconditional Love in this right here, right now, and in this very breath?

Once you begin living life this way, instead of dwelling in confusion, discontent, once you cease the fruitless seeking of additional meaning, and the compulsion to find salvation in potential futures, you simply allow your best Life Purpose to naturally unfold!

What is your purpose in this beautiful life? You are living it, right here and now! It is not necessary to wait for a future event to enter salvation, to enter into your best life in joyful union with God: Simply do it, Right NOW!

How does one do this? Come into full acceptance of your current circumstances. Release any judgement surrounding those circumstances, and find the love, joy, gratitude, and appreciation in this very moment. In reality, it is only resistance, non-acceptance, and confusion about your current circumstances that prevents the salvation, happiness, and full union with the Infinite Divine and Loving God from occurring. Simply stop judging and resisting the circumstances. Accept.

Also, be present, be aware of your surroundings, and ask yourself this:

How can I make this situation better? How can I give my best love to these circumstances and be of best service to others, using my best gifts?

I would regard this process as a release from selfishness, release from the sense of self-pity, and alignment to your Truth. Rather than dwelling on why life seems to be set against you, instead turn your attention to being of the best possible service to others. Look to the people around you and see who needs help! See in the present moment how you can lovingly meet unmet needs using your best possible gifts. That may be sweeping a floor or it may be lending your advanced science expertise to build a better particle accelerator. Do not judge the size or purpose of the task. Sweeping the floor, for example, may give you the secrets to building a better particle accelerator. You may not understand the meaning or purpose of the task yet. Simply do everything with calm, loving, conscious peace and presence.  

Prefer, however, to give your best gifts selflessly. Do not give to receive, and especially do not work in an attempt to gain fortune or recognition. It will not work, and no salvation and happiness is to be found in money or fame. In fact, these “achievements” will incur a much worse karmic debt of vanity, and a lifetime of dissatisfaction. Instead, offer yourself to make the world a better place, and if fame and fortune follow, feel free to joyfully embrace that, but it is not the goal.

Avoid also surrendering to a lifetime of a lower purpose simply for money: If your best gift is Truly to build particle accelerators instead of sweeping floors, build particle accelerators instead with reckless abandon. In the quietness of the mind, you must Truly Know your best gift, your highest calling, and use those skills and abilities specifically for present unmet needs. If there is not unmet need that fits your Highest Truth, go to find others who work in the areas of your Truth and simply offer yourself in selfless service. Offer your best gifts openly and freely and you will see how your role naturally emerges in the right environment.

Another question for the full realization of your Life Purpose would be:

How can I release any fear of failure and any sense of limitation to discovering and living my Highest Truth?

Take the spotlight off the limitations and confines of the environment. If it seems as though your current circumstances are preventing you from giving your best gifts and being your Highest Truth, simply understand these feelings are an illusion of fear, a test of the ego, to see whether you’re ready to work your way out of the prison of limiting beliefs. Throw yourself into your Truth with reckless abandon, without fear, and simply see how God, The Divine Universe, supports the giving your Highest Truth!

Never, ever, give into perceived pain or perceived fear of failure, even if it seems like circumstances have become worse. Stay with your Truth, no matter what happens. Have faith all the way and see your journey through. You may not yet understand the purpose of an event you would perceive as failure. This is simply God saying: “Not yet, I have something even better for you!” Regard all events, even those that seem like rejection, as neutral and simply part of the process. Do not give into disappointment and depression when events did not work out the way you expected. Simply release it, move on, and make the best out of the situation, knowing that you are Divinely guided in the fulfillment of your Highest Purpose.

Another important lesson is: The reality and Truth of Life is that one cannot possibly know one’s Life Purpose with absolute certainty and in fact no matter what activity you’re engaged in presently, you are actually in fulfillment of your Divine Purpose right now, even if you feel this current circumstance may not be the best of circumstances or your Highest Calling. Do not judge the circumstance. Accept this moment for what it is.

Find the deepest love and gratitude for this moment, and surrender fully, and joyfully, to the unfolding of your life, which is ONLY happening in this very moment. Give of yourself freely, openly. Release any fear or sense of smallness about your purpose and embrace your Divine Truth with grandeur and reckless abandon. God, The Divine Universe, will not allow you to fail!

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