Time Heals All Sorrow

I recently witnessed a sign that read: “Time heals all sorrow”.

Indeed, No! With this, I must disagree. I say to you that, No, it is not time that heals sorrow. In fact, very often, it is the attachment to past sorrow that makes it impossible to heal and creates a lifetime of sorrow.

The acceptance of God, the peace and forgiveness of Christ is the path to removal of sorrow and no time is required to accept this miracle of healing. Accept this peace, acceptance, and forgiveness right now, right in this very moment, to find the deepest peace and salvation.

There is no need to heal wounds over time by waiting and using this pain as a weapon against your own sovereign and God-given right to peace. Very often, the ego has the misguided delusion to find salvation of forgiveness and peace in the future.

If you feel someone has harmed you or are experiencing loss of some kind. Simply surrender the pain to God. Simply release it in this very moment, and give thanks to God for all the blessings you do have in this very moment. Acceptance and union with the Divine and Loving God is the immediate cure for sorrow.

In the depths of despair, one simply surrenders all the pain and suffering to God. The Enlightened Being knows that no moment, no matter how sorrowful it may seem, is devoid of God’s Loving embrace. Understand that no moment, no event. was ever made devoid of Love. If it seems as though something has been lost, use the loss as an opportunity to become closer to God, closer to loved ones, and closer to community.

Most importantly, do not delay to release your sorrow. Release from pain and suffering always happens in the present moment. Simply fall into the deepest peace and acceptance. Release any sense of blame or condemnation to others who may have played a role. Simply and peacefully accept God’s Love and healing in this very moment for no salvation can be found in the future.

Embody this prayer:

Holy and Heavenly God of Love

My Heart is Full of Sorrow

Why Has this Pain Befallen Us?

You Are The God of Love

Forgive Me for My Despair

In Your Loving Embrace, I am Whole

Though I Feel this Pain Now

Through You I Shall Understand the Meaning

I Shall Be Beyond Suffering

I Shall Be Bathed, One, With Your Infinite Love

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