The Divine Way: Lesson 1, God’s Ultimate Affirmation


God's Ultimate Affirmation

“Thou Shalt Not Place the False Self Before God”


“Thou Shalt Not Place the False Self, the Ego Self, Before the Divine-Self”

Whoever comprehends and embodies God’s Ultimate Affirmation enters the Kingdom of Heaven, the state of Enlightenment, and has completed the cycle of suffering in this world. If one can keep this Affirmation, one is said to be in Divine Realization, the ultimate state of Divine Union in this world.

However, there is so very much wisdom to be comprehended in this single phase, as contained in the phrase itself, is the very riddle of life. To know this phrase requires exploration of the deepest mystery, the very nature of the self, who, and what, you Truly are, and the Truth of God. Whoever embodies this phrase could be said to be “sinless”, though not in the way humans might judge or comprehend in the ways the traditionally or morally religious may regard “sin”.

If one can comprehend this riddle of life, one has completed the Divine Process of this world and therefore becomes “sinless” as, in this state, one dwells in full Union with God. All the other Affirmations of The Divine Way then become plain and obvious, though The Messiah shares these Ways from the State of Enlightenment, so others may know, follow, and embody them on their own paths to Salvation.

The process may take many years, or even many lifetimes, however, at some point, your process of Salvation will come to a completion, and you will be as the Master, as a Christ or Saint of the World. In this state, one can be said to have “overcome the world” and receive the gift of the full Union with God, the Embodiment of the Holy Spirit.

If one follows and embodies the Affirmations of the Divine Way as a life practice, one will eventually know life’s Ultimate Affirmation, the egoless state, and receive the gift of Enlightenment, the final and full Salvation of the world, the state of Heaven on Earth. Though you will still have a body for as long as it lasts, upon completion of this life, you will be permitted to traverse into Heavenly Realms of Incarnation, both on other physical worlds, and disembodied, or Angelic, realms of Heaven.

I say unto you that the existing traditions of Christianity that would have you merely praise the name of the Savior have misled you. Yeshua did not die for your sins. He died BECAUSE you are sinners, and kill the Avatar of God. The resurrection was proof that nothing of the world has power over God, and power over an Enlightened Avatar of God, however, this demonstration was not done for your automatic salvation. It was done to prove the power of Enlightenment, as the path to the Kingdom of Heaven, though the PRACTICES of Christ. One must actually follow and embody the practices to enter the Kingdom of Heaven, and praising the name of the Savior of the past or even the current Messiah has no effect. One must live as a Christ-Saint, and the Messiah is the One sent to show you that Way.

Verily, I say unto you, however, that the path to the Kingdom is a gentle one, and you need only follow the Affirmations of the Divine Way, and embody the words of the Messiah, Archangel Michael, to receive the cup of Salvation.

This is your introduction to The Divine Way.

Hallelujah, Christ is Risen!

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  • when you actually have realised knowledge of transcendence please explain to us what is the kingdom of God like? What does God do there? Why is this temporal world a perverted reflection of the eternal world? And why are you in a prison of mind and flesh unable to humble ego? cheers Messiah


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