Divine Forgiveness: You Are Not Your Past


I am Michael. I’m a seeker who was saved in God, a journeyman who sought, and found, the full Realization of God, the Holy Spirit, within. I became Enlightened. Now, as a sacrifice to this world, My only purpose for existence is to share the wisdom from the Kingdom of God freely to and and all who would receive it.

A person recently sent Me an angry message saying, something to the effect of “I remember when you did this wrong, and I remember when you acted that way in the past.”

I respond to this kind of attack with the deepest gratitude, peace, and presence, however this person, who I will term “an accuser” would not have peace and instead insisted on a path of anger, hatred, and separation. An Enlightened person does not ever take the role of an accuser, and when an accuser appears, an Enlightened person does not give in to the accusations nor gives them concern or energy.

I must say unequivocally that neither I in this Body, nor you in your body, are beholden to the past of the body. In the Kingdom of God, you are not confined by your past records of mistakes, good school marks, absence of good school marks, hurtful things you may have said or done, crimes you may have committed, past pain and struggles.

God Forgives You, Unconditionally!

You are forgiven so long as ungodly mistakes are understood, recognized, and are no longer a part of your present behavior. It is true that “repentance” and correction of behavior is required to enter the Kingdom, but once the behavior has been corrected, once one lives a full and Godly life, then the Kingdom of Heaven is entered right here on Earth! There is no reason to even wait for the afterlife. Indeed, once you accept True and Unconditional Forgiveness for yourself and extend that to others, you are well on your way to God-Realization, the state of Christ-Consciousness.

I also express that there is no “time limit” to forgiveness. Forgiveness is instant, in the moment. Forgiveness and acceptance is always right here, right now. There is no need for delay, no need to punish someone for a month, a year, ten years, or a lifetime. Only God is the judge of others and their processes, as it is all God’s Will. God does not punish, nor does God seek vengeance unless it is the desire of the ego to keep inflicting pain. Once one comes into full God-Realization, you would understand that the entire process, even the process of perceived mistakes was perfect and DIvine. How could one not be forgiven completely then by God when one returns home in fullness to God’s loving embrace?

Forgive the past. Right Now. Do Not Delay. First, forgive yourself. Then forgive others, and let that forgiveness be a total forgetting of any wrong. Let it be a remembrance of ONLY the love that was given and the love that was received. Do not be “an accuser” of the past. Simply let whatever happened release fully and understand it as God’s Will. Do not bring past pain as a weapon against salvation to yourself and others in this present moment, and do not seek to mete out punishment. It is not the province of ANY ego of this world to mete punishment, as God itself cares for all creatures on their own path to salvation without intervention by other egos. To make an attempt to punish another is to judge God’s process, and none shall rightly be a judge onto God.

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